Residential Grade Chain Link Fence & Gates

We stock a full line of residential grade chain link fence & gates for a complete fence installation.  We stock 4', 5', and 6' tall fence material, and gates 3' to 6' wide, in each height.  After you fill out our layout template, we can give you a quote for all posts, rail, fabric, fittings, gates and gate hardware for your entire do-it-yourself installation.


Residential chain link fence specs are as follows:


12.5 gauge fabric, 2 3/8" mesh

2 3/8" OD x .047" wall terminal/gate posts

1 5/8" OD x .047" wall line posts

1 3/8" OD x .047" wall toprail

Rounded corner pre-fabricated chain link swing gates, .047" wall tubing


We also offer all 3 sizes of tubing in full length (21' or 24' joints) for miscellaneous use, or we can cut to size (cut charge applies).


Call or visit our store for pricing.



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